Training & Coaching

Training is held on Thursday nights between 6pm and 7pm at Meadow Glen International Athletics Stadium. Training is most beneficial to young athletes and the children should be encouraged to attend regularly.

The club coaches take athletes through all relevant events, often focusing on events that are coming up that weekend. Athletics beginners through to more experienced and advanced athletes are catered for. Some are recommended to make inquiries with “Squads” at Whittlesea City who generally focus on a specific athletics discipline.

a. Uniform is not required for training, suitable clothing and footwear is sufficient.

b. Parents are asked to please come forward and offer their assistance as our programs are run totally with parental help. It will also give parents a better understanding of all events.

c. Bad behaviour and language will not be tolerated at training and an athlete will not be allowed to
train for the night if they cannot behave in the appropriate manner.

d. No child is to be left unaccompanied at training, parental supervision is compulsory.

e. If raining or temperature is above 38 degrees at 5pm training will be cancelled.